Privacy Policy

1 Privacy Policy

Rentzluxuryz places utmost importance on maintaining the privacy of the information of its users (to be hereinafter referred to as “User”). Please ensure that you read and agree to Rentzluxuryz privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) as given below before you proceed.
This Policy may change from time to time, your continued use of Rentzluxuryz’s services after it makes any change is deemed to be acceptance of those changes, so please check the Policy periodically for updates.
Consent of the User is deemed captured on either continuous usage of Rentzluxuryz’s website/app or by categorically capturing consent through checkbox at the time of making the booking.

2 About Personal Information:

Please note that there are cases where personal information of Users is requested by Rentzluxuryz within this web site and app. In this case, personal information is protected and managed as described below.

3Purpose of Collecting Personal Information :

Rentzluxuryz collects and uses relevant personal information of Users in order to provide car rental services to its Users.

4 Details of Personal Information :

Rentzluxuryz collects the following information of UsersUser: address, name, birth date, gender, occupation, telephone number and e-mail address. Besides the above, Usersintending to create an account may be asked to submit personal information including Pan Card details & driving license. This information is requested if the User is entering into a transaction and is further used to deliver the services as has been requested by the User. The data so collected from the User shall also be used to manage the website/app, and detect any fraud or website abuses.

5 Vehicle Use Data :

Vehicles will contain hardware that gathers and transmits information about vehicle use. This is done as a security measure against accident or theft and also to provide you with valuable services and information, such as other drivers' data.

6Submitting Personal Information :

Please note that Rentzluxuryz does not submit personal information to third parties except in the cases below:
a) Only after the permission of a User is received.
b) When working with an outsourcing company (a contract is first concluded between Rentzluxuryz and the outsourcing company to ensure that strict management of personal information is enforced).
c) As required by law.
d) For the purpose of protecting life, body or property when the permission of a UserUser is difficult to obtain.
e) For the purpose of improving public health and promoting sound childhood education when the permission of a UserUser is difficult to obtain.
f) When government or the outsourcing company needs personal information to carry out its duties as required by law when there is a possibility that obtaining the permission of a UserUser may impede the completion of duty.
g) To ensure the protection of personal information of UsersUser, the above information is reviewed and improved as needed.